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The only global restaurant awards voted by foodies themselves. No critics, no inspectors just you – True Foodies

Best Restaurant Awards

The best fine dining and best "Top Bistro"/casual dining experience you had in the last year.  September 2017 – September 2018 (In the culinary world everything starts fresh after the summer vacation n’est-ce pas?)

Signature Dish Award

The best signature dish you ate in the last year.  Was it Pommes Purée by the late Chef Joël Robuchon, Blanc-manger by Jean-François Piege, or something completely new and surprising?

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For Chefs & Restaurateurs Only

Young Chef Award

Nominate a chef who is under 25 and will some day be a star - tell us why.

Restaurant Diversity Awards

Nominate a restaurant that is doing great things to promote women and/or minorities. Tell us why you think they deserve this award.


If your nomination wins you will get a sweet surprise from True Foodies!

Voting closes September 21st.

Winners will be announced Saturday, September 29th.


The culinary world in your pocket


Connecting the best Chefs, Restaurants and Sommeliers in the world with their fans.


for True Foodies only is the culinary world in your pocket.  A global app and social platform where lovers of the art of food and wine come to connect, be inspired and share that love.

This group of fine food lovers are passionate about food and wine experiences that go far beyond what the majority of restaurants and cooks can offer. Top Chefs and restaurants are by invitation only, or must be nominated by other Chefs to be included. This strict control guarantees that for True Foodies only offers quality recommendations from a community Foodies can trust. 


Everything for True Foodies in one platform



What makes the for True Foodies only app different?

  • It is exclusive. A "culinary Facebook" for only the best Chefs, Restaurants, and Sommeliers in the world and their fans. 
  • It is global—in 8 languages and 155 countries.

  • Users of the app from around the world can find out where to eat when they travel giving restaurants and chefs free exposure to this elite group and ensuring that your vacation is full of delightful meals at the restaurants your favorite chefs eat at.

  • New restaurants and chefs can only be nominated by existing chefs in the app, so together we are building a trusted community of the highest quality.

  • There is no cost to restaurants to be included or to users—the app is free.

  • Pioneer concept to buy recipes the way you buy music —one recipe, a BiteBook™ or an annual pass. Restaurants and Chefs make extra income by selling digital recipes through the app.

The story behind the app

Cordon Bleu Chef Ted and his foodie partner Joanne love eating in great restaurants around the world. But they spent a lot of time researching where to go, in guidebooks, online and from friends, and looking for news about what their favorite chefs were creating. They wished they could easily see where their favorite Chefs and foodie friends loved to eat, and find the latest about the best Chefs and restaurants all in one place. Chef Ted’s fellow Cordon Bleu alumni were also obsessed with their favorite chefs, wanting to find out more about them and their restaurants. 

And so the idea was born. To build a trusted community of those who love the art of food and wine, with Chefs and True Foodies at heart.

Ted and Joanne spent the next two years using all their experience—
Ted as a chef in Michelin star restaurants, and Joanne as an international food marketer—to launch a truly amazing app, including only the top Restaurants and Chefs. Fortunately their work has included a lot of fine dining which makes it all worthwhile.

  Modena, Italy, 2015—Joanne and Chef Ted conduct hands-on research for the for True Foodies only platform at Osteria Francescana (#1 on   San Pellegrino's 2018 "The World’s 50 Best" restaurant list).

Modena, Italy, 2015—Joanne and Chef Ted conduct hands-on research for the for True Foodies only platform at Osteria Francescana (#1 on San Pellegrino's 2018 "The World’s 50 Best" restaurant list).

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