What makes the for True Foodies only app different?

  • It is exclusive. A "culinary Facebook" for only the best Chefs, Restaurants, and Sommeliers in the world and their fans. 
  • It is global—in 8 languages at launch.

  • Users of the app from around the world can find out where to eat when they travel giving restaurants and chefs free exposure to this elite group and ensuring that your vacation is full of delightful meals at the restaurants your favorite chefs would eat at.

  • New restaurants and chefs can only be nominated by existing chefs in the app, so together we build a trusted community of the highest quality.

  • There is no cost to restaurants to be included or to users—the app is free.

  • Pioneer concept to buy recipes the way you buy music —one recipe, a BiteBook™ or an annual pass. Restaurants and Chefs make additional profits by selling digital recipes through the app.