Chevrotin des Aravis

CHEVROTIN DES ARAVIS Volume 1 #43 Seasonal Cheeses for Autumn



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This week Chevrotin des Aravis from France



Country: France 

Region: Haute Savoie

Made from: Goat’s milk

Pasteurised: No

Texture: mild, soft, creamy

Taste: mellow, delicate, floral notes

Certification: PDO (EU)

Aging: 3–4 weeks 

Chevrotin des Aravis is a farm-produced washed rind goat's cheese from the Savoie mountains. Chevrotin is hand-made following a unique technique for a goat’s milk cheese (pressed, uncooked cheese with a washed rind). The goats - essentially of a mountain goat breed - are fed on pasture grass and hay. 

Chevrotin cheese is exclusively farm-produced, made from whole, unpasteurised milk It is the only goat’s milk cheese with Savoie quality certification and has Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) certification since 2002.



Each Chevrotin is unique in that it looks, tastes and has the texture associated with the unique know-how of each producer. The production is similar to a Reblochon, except with goat’s milk. After maturing for least 21 days, it takes on a pinkish-white hue, with a fine smooth paste and a yellowish-orange rind that is moist and tainted with moulds. As with other chevre cheese, it has the odor of goats and flowers with a nearly sweet taste, and a delicate goat flavour, with lactic acid and floral notes. The cheeses are individually wrapped with a thin piece of spruce to regulate humidity.

Photo: Idylle

Photo: Idylle

Chevrotin is a non-cooked, pressed cheese weighing approximately 300g. It is from 9 to 12cm in diameter and 3 to 4.5cm high. Optimal maturing time is 3 weeks to 1 month. Fat content: At least 45% fat to the dry content, or 25% in relation to the total weight


Chevrotin has been produced since the 17th century in the Alpine foothills of the Savoyard Chablais, Bauges and Aravis districts. The landscape presents difficulties to agriculture, with steep gradients, a damp climate and a thin limestone based soil that supports a restricted vegetation. The only domesticated animals that can feed here are goats. 

How to enjoy it

Chevrotin des Aravis pairs well with Cotes du Rhone, Bandol, Mondeuse, Chignin-bergeron, Saint-joseph and Savoie wines.